About Greenstone Pendants

The most interesting of the three stones found in the Pagodas Mountain range of Brazil, Greenstone pendants are unique and elegant pieces of art. The stones vary in color from dark green to light green depending on the minerals present in the soil and its formation history. Some of the pendants have been created with precious gemstones and are quite expensive. As a result, a large number of people have started creating their own versions. However, there are still some very good models that can be bought from reliable jewelry stores.


Greenstone Pendants

As they are quite heavy, pendants should be hung on the wall with care. The pendant should not lean too much on the wall or it will cause the base of the pendant to break. The pendants can be placed around the home and on the gates, and there is a trend of placing them on the mantel as well. A very common idea for women is to place them on the clockwork of the bedroom or sitting at the foot of the bed.

The best place to find these is the Internet. There are specialized jewelry websites that display pictures and show you exactly how the pendants look like. In some cases you can also buy the pendants directly from the sellers. It is better to make a purchase through a reliable seller so that you get authentic pieces and you know that you are buying a genuine piece.

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