Choosing Bredal Spreads

The 12 36 inch spreading machine is especially designed for extremely precise spreading, and across wide working areas. Bredal spreaders operate on the 4 times out of alignment rule, where each disk simultaneously spreads in a 2-times out of alignment width. This rule ensures good, consistent, high quality control. With an increase in the width, the chances of getting a misaligned disc are greatly reduced.

Why need to you Choosing Bredal Spreads?

bredal spreaders

A Breedal Spreader is a pressurized hydraulic device that is used in the breeding of large quantities of livestock. These are normally used by meat processors to quickly move their animals between pens and stalls, and even between different farms. They can be either manual or electric. Their manual counterpart is basically the same, only that the device does not move the animal but rather pushes or pulls the animal to be moved.

The typical application of this type of spreaders include pre-mounted cages, wire, and wooden boards. The typical product also includes drive belts, and rubber strips, among other features. The typical type of breeders use a version of this type of spreader called a hopper. This hopper is an adjustable type of conveyor that can hold up to 300 head of stock at a time.

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