Dingo Traps Can Be an Animal Abuse Symptom

Dingo Traps

Most people have heard of the “Dingo Trap” – a well-known book and movie highlighting the sad decline of white, American bunnies through the use of dangerous animal trapping techniques. While the Dingo Trap is an extreme case of dog-fighting cruelty and neglect, many other organizations and individuals work to stop dog fighting by using humane methods. If you or someone you know is interested in stopping this destructive sport, contact your local humane society or animal rescue group. Both groups can offer information on Dingo Traps and similar clubs (the International Society for the Control of Dangerous Wild Dogs and the Sporting Clubs International), as well as other helpful resources. In addition to helping you learn more about Dingo Traps and other organizations fighting this horrible sport, these organizations can also provide advice on how you can help. The Humane Society and other animal rescue groups have even begun a campaign to rid the world of Dingo Bosquitoes, so that all dogs can enjoy their lives and communities with no fear of attack from these wild dogs!

Winning Tactics For Dingo Traps Can Be An Animal Abuse Symptom

However, as disgusting and cruel as it may be, there are still ways that the Dingo can be controlled. One way to prevent the sport from degenerating into an even more violent form is through spaying and neutering. These methods reduce the population of male dogs and, in turn, reduce the population of Dingo Bosquitoes. Even if your local humane society does not support spaying and neutering, there are other methods available to you. There are a number of books available on the topic as well as online sources such as Dingo Dogs and Spaying Info.

Spaying and neutering male dogs is an important step towards stopping the escalating problem of Dingo attacks. This reduction in the overall population of wild dogs can greatly decrease the risks of attack – especially on children and those who come in contact with the wild dogs on a regular basis. Female dogs may also be spayed or neutered if they are pregnant. If you are not comfortable with this procedure – or do not have the finances to pay for it – you should try to encourage your veterinarian to perform it on your dog. Not all veterinarians do.

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