House Inspections in Auckland

House inspections in Auckland are conducted by qualified and professional professionals who are well experienced in their field of expertise. House inspections in Auckland are carried out to identify any problems or risks to the general safety, value and longevity of a home or apartment before a potential buyer actually buys the property. It is very important that a house or apartment is safe for living in and should be deemed safe and secure by the seller and the buyer before an investment is made. It is the seller’s responsibility to keep a property or apartment up to Auckland building standards including having a pest or termite inspection performed by someone qualified and licensed. This will provide peace of mind for the buyer that the property being sold or rented has not been passed over to another family and that it will still be safe for them and their family. Click here

House inspections Auckland


If the house is found to have structural damage such as rotten or flaking walls, damaged electrical wiring, leaking roofs or cracked foundation walls then the inspection report should be taken directly to the Auckland Home Inspectors Association for correction. A report must also be provided to the prospective client that details the repairs that would be required to make the house safe to live in. The inspector will carry out a physical examination of the entire house including the basement, attic and other parts of the house. They will also check for signs of dampness, mould, radon gas or any other health hazards.


Before a house is placed on the market for sale it is essential for both the home seller and the prospective buyer that the house is safe and secure and no health hazards exist. House inspections Auckland is essential for anyone who wants to purchase a home in Auckland because there are risks involved with buying a house that may not be what you expected. You need to remember that it’s your investment and the home inspection is your best friend when it comes to making the right decision about buying a home in Auckland. A home inspector not only knows how to correct a problem with a property but can also tell you how much work it will take to fix the problem. They are well experienced when it comes to discovering defects and problems, so they are able to provide the client with all the details that they need regarding the condition of their home.

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