Water Damage Mitigation Vs Water Restoration

Water Damage Mitigation Vs Water Restoration

When water Charlotte water experts | SpangleR restoration is called for, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. First, the type of water involved needs to be determined. This could be storm water, ground water, or even potable water used for watering plants or for washing cars. Next, the kind of material involved needs to be determined. This could be cedar shake, drywall, wood, paint, or metal and so on.


After taking these factors into consideration, the water restoration contractor can then proceed with the necessary actions required to fix the situation. In the case of flooded areas, water restoration begins with the drying out of the area. If there are burst pipes in the house, then this needs to be repaired before any other work can be done. In the case of damaged wood, such as drywall, repairing such damage is the first priority. Then, repairing the affected materials, including the water heater, the water supply, and the plumbing system.


Finally, any mold or mildew growth that may have occurred needs to be dealt with. This can be dealt with using simple household cleaners or steam fomentation. After the cleanup is complete, waterproofing the area is the next step to take, and this can be done using a variety of products such as paint sealant or heavy-duty industrial waterproofing materials. Water damage mitigation is often required after a flood has occurred, but many people neglect to call a water restoration company before they do, and as a result, costly problems can occur.

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